Need Academic Support in 2019?


The new school is a good time to get start your kids on a new academic routine.
Whether you want them to catch up, gain a deeper understanding, or get ahead in their academics, there is a program for you. Our classes are small, personalized and engaging so your child will want to learn.

We have a School Readiness class for introducing or sharpening kindergarten skills to your preschooler. For the preschooler who wants to start reading, we have the Early Readers or Creative Reading classes to harness that their interest.

We also offer personalized tutoring to help students with broad subjects such as learning their sight words or multiplication table, reading comprehension, or regular homework help. Even with pick up from school, our fees are less than many private tutors. 

The school year just started, so there is plenty of time left for your student to have a successful year!