NoVA Playlabs' unique catalog of classes allows students to pursue their interests or explore new subjects. Our small classes and engaging activities provide the best learning experience for our students.

  • The Art Lab offers a plethora of supplies for students to explore different art media, tap into their imagination and express themselves.
  • The Technology Lab is equipped with 21st century tools to help students see the wonder in the world around them, learn valuable computer skills and apply their knowledge.
  • The Language Lab teaches reading and writing skills in a cozy library setting that encourages creative and deep analytical thinking.
  • The Playlab is custom designed for children under the age of six to engage in physical and imaginative play.

We offer classes for preschoolers, grade school kids, and even adults.

Yoga classes for adults give caregivers the opportunity to take time for themselves to practice stretches and strengthen muscles. And, if you have little ones, they can play in our supervised playarea at the discounted rate of $5.


Julie Pearl from Getting Mindful will begin a journey that will teach mindfulness and practice techniques to improve focus and emotional regulation for the kids and adults at Nova Play Labs!  The series will be an eight week journey learning awareness and the skill of attention to ourselves, our environment and to others.

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