NoVA Playlabs’ unique catalog of classes allows students to pursue their interests or explore new subjects. Our small classes and engaging activities provide the best learning experience for our students.

  • The Art Lab offers a plethora of supplies for students to explore different art media, tap into their imagination and express themselves.
  • The Technology Lab is equipped with 21st century tools to help students see the wonder in the world around them, learn valuable computer skills and apply their knowledge.
  • The Language Lab teaches reading and writing skills in a cozy library setting that encourages creative and deep analytical thinking.
  • The Playlab is custom designed for children under the age of six to engage in physical and imaginative play.

 astronauts computerTechnology Lab

Google Drive Basics – Learn how to take advantage of the apps Google has to offer. Students will create a Word Document and a Slideshow Presentation.

Computer Programming – The ability to code computer programs is an important part of literacy in today’s society. We will use’s specially designed program for children. When people learn to code, they learn important strategies for solving problems, designing projects and communicating ideas.

Science Explorers – WHY? Kids love to ask how things work and, in this class, we will attempt to answer some of their questions about everyday things. Students learn how to see the science happening everywhere around us, including in the kitchen, bathtub and the garden. This class for preschoolers ages 3-6 participate in hands-on activities to help them make scientific connections in daily life.

Math and Logic– Our classes will follow the curriculum of Fairfax County Public Schools and offer an opportunity for students to truly master what is being taught in class. Logic games will also be used to train the mind to think strategically.

Preschool Math – A math class for preschoolers? Yes, but it’s not about doing worksheets. Most preschoolers, even without guidance from adults, are naturally interested in math as it exists in the world around them. Students will learn about numbers, geometry and spatial relations, measurement, patterns and the language of math using dynamic and hands-on games and projects. There may still be a few worksheets, but they will enjoy doing them:)

 astronaut artArt Lab

Fundamentals of Drawing – Learning to draw is the foundation upon which other visual art skills are based and students in this class learn to 1) draw objects from observation by breaking them down into basic shapes and forms, 2)use basic drawing materials with a proper perspective, midtones, lights and shadows.

Eco Art – Art with an environmental bent. We show kids how to take ordinary “trash” materials and turn them into works of art. Students will work with a variety of different materials, such as metal, glass, fabric and cardboard.

Yoga – Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Mentally, their concentration, sense of calmness and relaxation can all improve.

Storytime Art –  In this mixed media art class, preschoolers will make a connection to the story through the process of creating art. Register here.


astronaut book Language Lab

Creative Writing – Teaching kids to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings through words in a coherent manner.

Effective Writing– In learning to write effectively, students will learn to: use the five stages of the writing process, write for different audiences and purposes, evaluate their own writing and the writings of others, use grammatical and mechanical conventions of writing and conduct research and write for inquiry.

Reading Foundations – Laying the foundation for strong reading skills by focusing on word recognition, decoding, story retelling and connection making.

Intensive Reading Comprehension -Practice skills to increase ones ability to read text, process it and understand its meaning.

Public Speaking– Helping kids to be effective communicators by teaching them how to express themselves, persuade and present to other people.

Preschool Phonics and Reader-Students in the Preschool Phonics class are introduced to letter and sound recognition, which will prepare them for reading. The Early Reader class is for children ages 3-6 who already have some grasp of letter and sound awareness. Using the BOB Books curriculum, children will learn short vowels as well as beginning and ending consonant sounds in order to sound out words and sentences.

For the schedule of the latest session of Preschool Classes, please go here.