Grade School Classes

Pickup Service may be available from your school: St. Veronica's, Oak Hill, and Lees Corner.

Excited to offer dance and ballet classes by Dance 4 U. Check our their schedule for Ballet, Hip Hop, and Tap.

STEM: This is a class for kids who loved science as a little kid, but don't get a chance to explore, tinker, and be hands-on now because they are "big kids." Kids learn better when they can touch and be interactive with what they're learning about. A wide variety of STEM curriculum is offered: Color theory, magnets, life cycles of insects, animals and flowers, gravity, structures and light. Experiments, nature walks and sensory play are incorporated. For ages 5 and up.

Reading Club: We will read a short book or chapter and discuss content, learn to retell the story, understand vocabulary, and learn strategies on how to understand the material better. Various types of reading materials will be used: picture books, historical fiction, biographies, newspaper articles, and "real" literature. For ages 5 and up.

Science Fair: Students go through the process of preparing for the science fair by brainstorming ideas, asking what question the student wants to answer, researching the topic, making a hypothesis, carrying out the experiment, collecting the data, making observations, drawing conclusion, and communicating their research to the public. For ages 5 and up.

Public Speaking: Highest Speak's curriculum provides children with the tools and methods to approach any public speaking situation fearlessly and with enthusiasm throughout their academics, careers, and lives. More info here.