Mindfulness Classes (7+ & adults)

Mindfulness Class

Beginning in September, Julie Pearl from Getting Mindful will begin a journey that will teach mindfulness and practice techniques to improve focus and emotional regulation for the kids and adults at Nova Play Labs!  The series will be an eight week journey learning awareness and the skill of attention to ourselves, our environment and to others.

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness/attention on the present moment.

The lessons teach how to pay attention better to what you’re doing in each moment. It’s getting out of ‘autopilot’, the day dreaming, wandering mind (which research shows we’re in 47% of our day! That’s almost ½ the day not paying attention to what we’re doing!) and into the present moment-to-moment experiences.  It’s being aware and present to your life!

In Getting Mindful classes, you learn what mindfulness is, what it isn’t and the techniques to practice being more present. The class includes:

  • Learning to notice & pay closer attention to our body & it’s sense of touch, listening, seeing, smelling, tasting.
  • Learning to notice your thoughts and to understand when we’re sticking to negative or unhelpful ones.
  • How to be mindful of our emotions & techniques to manage the difficult ones and savor the pleasant ones.
  • How to pay better attention to our environment, to what’s happening around us, which includes the people in our lives and our relationships with them. When we learn this more compassion & empathy follows.
  • We learn the neuroscience of mindfulness. Where our attention system is in our brain & how to strengthen it and where our ‘alarm/emotion’ is in our brain and how to calm and manage that!

All of these topics are at the appropriate developmental stage of the participants

Mindfulness and the associated techniques have been practiced for thousands of years and is now in the forefront in our Western culture.  It has been studied extensively which has shown the benefits mindfulness practices can provide to our wellbeing

With a regular practice, these benefits can occur for youth & adults:

Attention control

Attention strengthening

Emotion regulation

Reduce stress

Reduce/manage anxiety

Improve impulse control

Respond to rather than react to our experiences

Improve relationships (learning how to pay attention to them)


Learn more about Julie and her curriculum at Getting Mindful.


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