Preschool Classes

New session of classes begins September 3rd.

Fee is $120 for a half session (8 weeks of classes) and $190 for a full session (16 weeks of classes). There is a 20% discount on a student's second class. (If you join us after the session has started, the fee will be prorated). All students enrolled in a class may take advantage of the playarea before/after class. Caregiver participation is welcome, but optional in all our classes. 

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Creation Station - A fun and creative class where the process is more important than the final product. With some guidance from the instructor, participants will work with various materials, both new and recycled, to make unique crafts. Using their own imagination, students will have lots of opportunities to use scissors, paintbrushes, glue, glue sticks and other tools to practice their fine motor skills in a self guided environment. For ages 18m-6y.

Getting Mindful - It's never to early to teach kids how to pay attention to themselves, to their surrounding. In fact, it would help kids a lot to learn these develop these healthy habits early to help them prepare for school and beyond. Get more info about the Getting Mindful program here.

M&M: Music & Movement - Music ignites all areas of child development: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. This class also has the added bonus of incorporating sign language to further develop the child's communication skills. For ages 1-5y.

Meet the MastersStudents will learn about the style and history of the Great Masters, such as Mondrian, Warhol, Monet, and others, and create their own masterpiece. For ages 2-6y.

Preschool Cooking -

Students learn about math, science, following directions, and healthy eating all while having fun making something delicious to eat! For ages 2-6

IMG_2787Pre-K STEAMScience, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math for preschoolers. Students explore concepts like gravity, structures, animals, colors and mixtures with engaging lessons and lots of opportunities for hands-on activities. For ages 2-6y.

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Storytime Art - We will begin the class with a reading from a beloved book. We will then review the book with the students and point out significant story points and illustrations. The students will then connect with the story by making an art project inspired by the story. For ages 2-6y.

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School Readiness – A class for preschoolers that teaches math and phonics. Using dynamic and hands-on activities, students will learn Math concepts such as one-to-one correspondence, geometry and spatial relations, measurement, and patterns. The Phonics program will help students discover and practice the connections between letters and their sounds.  For ages 3-6y.

FullSizeRender (2)Playdough with Plato - There’s more to playdough than just squishing the dough. We will use playdough to teach about shapes, letters, counting, animals and other everyday objects. If you're looking for a class for mixed age siblings, this is the perfect class for them because the older child can work on the higher level activity (numbers, letters, patterns, etc) while the younger child works on her fine motor skills like rolling, cutting and stamping. For ages 18m-6y.

Early Readers - For students who already know their letters and sounds and know how to put them together to form words. We will use the BOB Books curriculum as a foundation to read books. For ages 3 1/2 -6.
There is a separate book fee of $12 to purchase your own set of BOB Books.